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About Me (that's me to the left)  

Opening a gift shop is the dream I never had.  I was a first grade teacher when life happened and I found myself helping my husband, Steve, in his business.  Over the next few years, and with many baby steps, here I am doing what I love, surrounded every day by the wonderful people who walk through my door.

I grew up in South Minneapolis and met my husband at the U of M (I sat next to him in my first class as a freshman).  I am a wife, mother of three, and happy grandmother of three little girls and one little fellow. 

  Mary Plocher is the owner of Humble Pie, a unique, affordable and the most delicious little gift shop in downtown New Prague, MN  

Mary Plocher

Steve enjoys creating one-of-a-kind pieces for me, such as cupboards from old windows, or benches from old headboards.  I do the painting, and how awesome is that to work together!

It is important to me to fill my shop with carefully chosen items that are special and affordable.   There is nothing in my shop that I wouldn't buy for myself or someone I care about.  Many of my things are whimsical and might make you smile.  There is often laughter here, especially when friends are sharing a day out together.  That's the sound I love.

If you are wondering "Where's the pie?", the P.I.E. in my store name means "Prayer In Everything."

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