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For the Kitchen  

I have many "kitcheny" items, edible and otherwise.

Most recently, I have added a beautiful line of Polish Pottery.

Jammazing Jam is made in neighboring town of Montgomery by a local fellow.  Several varieties are State Fair blue ribbon winners.  My favorite is Carrot Cake Jam.
Three  Rivers Farm Maple Syrup is made in Lonsdale.  Trees are tapped in Prior Lake.  These unique, all natural, flavor-infused syrups are not just for breakfast.

Cinnamon (which contains an actual cinnamon stick) is wonderful not only on pancakes and oatmeal, but also on yogurt, apple slices, and ham.

Ginger (which contains a long slice of ginger root) is nice in tea, on stir fry, carrots, and pork.

Habanero is great on ice cream!

In addition to these flavors, I carry Vanilla Bean and Bourbon.


Humble Pie features a variety of food items.  I have Czech wafers for coffee, tea and wine, and Minnesota made Glad Corn snack food a variey of natural jams, marinades, beer bread, soups, muffins, and dip mixes.

Three Rivers Farm Syrup.... 
it's love at first taste. 

Besides edibles, I also have large embroidered dish towels, the unique Swedish washcloths that will never smell, and other items for the kitchen. 
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